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Baseball's Steroid Era

Extensive steroid era news archive and research tools including lists (users, drugs, suspensions), timelines, quotes, rumors, and important documents.


About Baseball's Steroid Era is a collection and summary of media reports about performance-enhancing drugs in baseball from 2006 through 2010. This site was created in an effort to better document a controversial era that is sure to be scrutinized for generations to come.

In 2006, it was clear that fans and analysts were attempting to reconcile the era both morally and statistically. While BSE couldn't do the heavy lifting (reporting... or math), gathering all of the available information seemed crucial to beginning the process of forming opinions or normalizing stats and thus Baseball's Steroid Era was born.

With smaller ballparks, harder baseballs, expansion, maple bats, no testing before 2004, and perhaps most notably, modern, sophisticated medical treatments, supplements and training regimens, any moral or statistal answers seem impossible.

The goal of this site was to compile media reports and provide contextual tools (lists, timelines, etc.) to make a large portion of that information, as a whole, easier to digest. Hopefully, the information at this site is a good starting point.

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The List
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Mitchell Report - 47
Admitted - 16
Implicated By Others - 34
MLB Suspensions - 27
Other - 4
Suspended for non-analytical evidence that player violated MLB drug policy.

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